Bifocal Contact Lenses

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After about the age of 40, people start having trouble with their near vision due to a condition called presbyopia. If you are already nearsighted, this can leave you needing two types of vision correction--one for near and one for distance. One option that our optometrist in Midland can help you with here at Urias Eyecare is bifocal contact lenses.

What are Bifocal Lenses?


Bifocal contact lenses are designed like bifocal eyeglasses, in that they provide correction for near vision and distance vision. How these areas are designed depends on the type of lens. Technically, concentric and aspheric lenses are multifocal lenses, while segmented designs are bifocals, but these terms are not always used correctly.

Concentric lenses have alternating 'bands' of near and distance vision correction, while aspheric designs have distance vision correction in the center, gradually fading out to close-up vision correction near the edges. Segmented bifocal lenses with the top correcting distance vision and the bottom correcting near vision are available, but only as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.

Just like other contacts, bifocals come in a variety of choices:

  • Soft lenses (including silicone hydrogel options)
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses
  • Hybrid lenses, with soft edges and an RGP center
  • Daily disposables
  • Extended wear contacts

Who Should Wear Bifocal Contacts?

Anyone who is having trouble seeing close up but also requires distance vision correction can benefit from bifocal contacts. Most bifocal contact lens designs do require the eye and the brain to do some adaptation, however, and this works better for some people than others. Luckily, there are a number of choices, so our optometrist in Midland can fit you with the option that is most likely to work for you.

During a contact lens exam, our optometrist will assess the general health of your eyes, measure the refractive error (degree of nearsighted or farsightedness) of your eyes, and discuss your options for contacts, both bifocal and otherwise, with you. Most people can wear contacts these days, including those who might not have been able to in the past, so it is worth your time to make an appointment with our optometrist and discuss your options!

Stop by Urias Eyecare for a Contact Lens Fitting

If you need a new pair of contact lenses, our optometrist in Midland here at Urias Eyecare can help you. We offer bifocal designs as well as many other types of contacts to meet the needs of most users. To schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam, call (432) 368-4102 today!


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