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Foreign Body Removal from the Team at Urias Eyecare

It is important for people to take care of their eyes. Often, people take the health of their eyes for granted; however, when something does go wrong, it is vital for everyone to seek care as quickly as possible. One common problem that people have with their eyes is the presence of a foreign body. A foreign body in the eye can be incredibly frustrating as some people might struggle to get the body removed. That is where the professionals from Urias Eyecare are here to help the citizens of the Midland area with any foreign body removal needs.


Symptoms of a Foreign Body in the Eye

If someone has a foreign body present in their eye, there are several symptoms that they might feel. Some of the common issues include:

  • Many people with a foreign body will have blurry vision in their affected eye. This will make it hard for people to see what is going on in front of them
  • Many people describe the presence of a foreign body in their eye like a grain of sand. This might feel like something is scratching their eye when they blink
  • The eye will sometimes turn red if a foreign body is present. This redness signifies inflammation of the eye as the body reacts to the presence of a foreign body
  • In some cases, the eye might be swollen if a foreign body is present. This swelling is another sign of the body's inflammation process at work

Fortunately, there are treatment options available.

Treatment of a Foreign Body in the Eye

Those who have a foreign body in their eye need to rely on the help of trained professionals, such as an eye doctor. An optometrist is going to perform a detailed eye exam to get a look at every part of the eye. The eye doctor will also evert the upper and lower eyelids to ensure that nothing is being overlooked. A specialized dye may also be applied to make sure that the cornea has not been scratched. The eye doctor will carefully remove the foreign body if this can be done safely. In some situations, a foreign body might deserve the attention of a trained eye surgeon.

Contact the Professionals at Urias Eyecare in Midland

A foreign body in the eye can be incredibly frustrating. That is where the team from Urias Eyecare in the Midland area is here to help. Our trained eye doctors will make sure that all foreign bodies are addressed carefully. We will make sure that your vision is taken care of in an appropriate manner. Please call us today at 432-368-4102 to make an appointment with an optometrist.


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