Glaucoma Screening and Treatment In Midland

The optic nerve carries vital information to the brain. When the nerve becomes damaged due to an increase in eye pressure, severe vision changes can happen. There are two types of glaucoma: open-angle and angle-closure, and each can affect your vision. The best way to diagnose this condition is through an eye exam. At Urias Eyecare in Midland, our eye doctor can slow the progression of glaucoma to help protect your vision.

Glaucoma Screening and Treatment In Midland

Risk Factors for Glaucoma

While age plays a major role in who is at a risk of developing glaucoma, there are other factors that increase your chance. If you have a parent who has glaucoma, your risk increases. The same goes for if you have a medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Being severely nearsighted or farsighted also raises your chance of developing the condition.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

In the beginning stages, you won't be able to tell that you have glaucoma because of how subtle the symptoms are. As the condition progresses, you may notice a few signs such as headaches, eye redness or pain, blurry vision, nausea, vomiting, and halos around bright lights. It is important to see an optometrist for an eye exam to help reduce eye pressure and prevent loss of vision or blindness.

Glaucoma Treatment in Midland

The first step in managing glaucoma is to have an eye exam done. Our eye doctor will test your visual acuity for signs of vision loss as well as dilate your eyes to examine the back of the eye and nerve. Afterward, our optometrist will focus on getting the pressure within your eyes down to normal levels. If your condition is moderate, we can prescribe you eye drops to help reduce the pressure in your eyes. If medication doesn't work, there are surgical options that can treat the excessive internal eye pressure.

Preserve Your Vision by Scheduling an Eye and Vision Exam at Our Optometry Clinic

Get the vision care that you need to stop glaucoma from ruining your vision at Urias Eyecare. Our eye doctor can check the internal pressure of your eyes and protect your vision from glaucoma. To schedule an appointment, contact our optometry clinic in Midland at (432) 368-4102.


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