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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Information from our Midland Optometrist

Contact lenses are a great option for most people who need vision correction because they provide excellent vision without the frame obstruction and appearance change of glasses. Contact lenses from Urias Eyecare, come in an array of lens types to correct a variety of vision problems. After an exam with our Midland eye doctor, many patients who were previously told they could not wear contacts or had past difficulties with contacts are able to find the perfect, comfortable fit.

woman putting in contact lenses

Contact Lenses for Vision Problems

Thanks to advances in optometry technology, contact lenses correct vision problems even in hard-to-fit eyes. We take special care to examine your eyes and understand your history of contact lens wear to provide the best eye care solution for your unique needs. Whether you have a simple prescription for disposable daily-use contacts to correct a slight nearsightedness or a need for specialized lenses due to astigmatism, we are here to help you understand your options. Our choice of contact lenses includes Dailies, a line of lenses that use special moisturizes to work with the eye's natural blinking action for the ultimate in comfort.

  • Soft lenses are the preferred type of contacts for most people because they are made from a thin, pliable, gel-like plastic that can be worn as daily disposables or dailies worn for set times before disposing of. Soft lenses are suitable for most vision conditions. The more advanced and most porous silicone hydrogel lenses are especially ideal for dry eyes.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses are made of a harder material that is able to provide better optics for some patients. While rigid, these lenses are still porous and comfortable, making them much different than the hard lenses of decades past. RGP lenses last far longer than soft lenses.
  • Bifocal contact lenses have two prescriptions in the same lens, allowing people with refractive errors and presbyopia to clearly see objects that are both near and far. Bifocals come in soft, RGP and hybrid materials. Some are disposable while others are intended for extended wear.
  • Multifocal contact lenses also help those with refractive errors and presbyopia. Multifocal lenses use a range of powers in each lens to bring near and far objects into focus. Available in soft, RGP and hybrid materials, multifocals come in daily and extended wear.
  • Toric contact lenses correct astigmatism and can be rigid gas permeable, but most are soft like the ultra-moisturized Dailies. Toric lenses work differently than typical spherical lenses that rotate on the eye as it blinks. Toric lenses rotate to the needed orientation on the cornea and use different powers in different meridians of the lens to correct astigmatism.

Call our Optometrist in Midland to Learn More about Contact Lenses!

If you are ready to try contacts for the first time or need a new prescription, our experienced Midland optometrist is ready to help. Call Urias Eyecare today at (432) 368-4102 to schedule a comprehensive eye care and contact lens exam with our eye doctor.



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