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Getting New Contact Lenses From Your Midland Eye Doctor

We live in a fantastic era of scientific advancement, an era of great solutions for those with medical issues like vision impairment. Millions of Americans are born with or develop some sort of vision issue, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Contact lenses are one great solution your Midland optometrist can offer to help you overcome your own vision impairment. Get started today by scheduling a contact lens exam at Urias Eyecare.


Eye Exam and a Contact Lens Exam Differences

All adults and children over the age of six should schedule a comprehensive eye exam at their local optometry office. During this annual eye exam, your eye doctor will perform a general inspection and test to ensure that your eyes are in good health and uncover any eye issues or vision changes that have occurred since your last visit.

Should your eye doctor determine that you have a vision impairment and that you are a good candidate for contact lenses, then you will have a second contact lens exam performed. During the course of a contact lens exam, your doctor will use special tools to determine the right fit of a lens for your eyes. This will involve taking measurements of the diameter and curvature of each eye and it will include a discussion of the different types of contact lenses available from our optometry clinic.

The Types of Contacts Available From Your Eye Doctor

The optometrist from our Midland clinic will talk to you about the following different types of contact lenses:

  • Disposable: The most popular type of contact lenses, disposable lenses come in daily, weekly, and monthly options.
  • Gas-permeable: Some people may have issues with how soft disposable lenses fit their eyes. For such cases, we like to offer gas-permeable lenses which are hard contacts that better maintain their shape and they can offer more comfort due to their allowing oxygen to breathe through. 
  • Toric: This special donut-shaped contact is designed to correct certain types of astigmatisms. 
  • Bifocal and multifocal: Just like bifocal glasses, bifocal contact lenses and multifocal lenses can help correct multiple vision issues with one lens.
  • Scleral: Slightly larger contact lenses, scleral lenses are gas-permeable, hard contact lenses that are generally recommended for those with refractive errors, such as keratoconus.

Following your comprehensive eye wellness exam and a contact lens fitting exam, you will generally be offered a trial set of lenses. These lenses will help you get an idea of how the contact lenses will improve your vision and help your eye doctor ensure that you get the right fit and style for you.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Eye Exam Today

Are you ready to transform your vision? Call our optometrist today at (432) 368-4102 to schedule your eye exam and contact lens fitting. When it comes to your eyesight don’t take any chances, trust the professionals at Urias Eyecare in Midland.


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