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Unfortunately, as people age, problems can crop up in their eyes. The good news is, our optometrist can help you manage these conditions and reduce any negative effects that may occur as a result of eye diseases and vision changes. Visiting our optometrist AT Urias Eyecare in Midland, TX, regularly will help you keep your vision as sharp and as functional as possible.

Senior man getting an eye examChanges to Vision During the Senior Years

There are some normal vision changes that occur when people get older. Aging eyes fall prey to a condition called presbyopia, which is the term for difficulty seeing very close up. People usually develop presbyopia during their 40s or later, but it happens to pretty much everyone. This is why so many seniors need reading glasses.

Although it may cause you to make some minor changes in your life, presbyopia is harmless. Other things that are a normal part of aging include needing more light and dealing with reduced tear production. Using preservative-free artificial tears can be enough for many people, although those with severe dry eye may need additional help.

Some changes that can occur as people get older are more serious. A number of eye diseases are linked to aging, and changes to your vision from these conditions usually require treatment. There are some common symptoms that should send you to the eye doctor:

  • Cloudiness or blurred vision
  • Spots in your vision
  • Changes in color perception
  • Halos around objects
  • Problems with glare, especially at night

Eye Diseases Linked to Aging

Many eye diseases are linked to aging:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy

All of these diseases are or can be progressive. Although cataracts can be cured through surgery to replace the clouded lens, all of the other conditions on this list must be managed rather than cured. Management of eye diseases is the key to avoiding progression, so it is essential that you make and keep your regular eye exam visits with our optometry clinic.

Not all vision conditions have symptoms in the early stages. However, our optometrist may still be able to detect them during an eye exam. Certain conditions can cause progressive damage that is irreversible without having symptoms, so it is essential that you get screened regularly.

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Here at Urias Eyecare in Midland, TX, we offer crucial vision screenings for senior citizens. Whether you need a prescription for reading glasses or assistance in managing a more serious condition, our optometry clinic can help.  If you need an optometrist in Midland, call us today at (432) 368-4102 to make an appointment.


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