Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment in Midland and Odessa

Dry eye is more than just an uncomfortable condition. It can cause scratches on the cornea and increase your risk of developing eye infections. Here at Urias Eyecare, we offer dry eye treatments in Midland and Odessa.

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Causes of Dry Eye

Your eyes produce basal tears, which help keep your eyes lubricated, hydrated and nourished. Your basil tears are a combination of water, oil and a layer of mucus. Common causes of dry eye include having poor quality basal tears, not producing enough tears or environmental factors.

• Environmental Factors – If you work in a dusty, windy, dry environment or sit next to an indoor A/C register, you may experience symptoms of dry eye due to your basal tears evaporating too quickly.

• Not Enough Tears – As individual’s age the tear glands in their eyes may not produce enough basal tears. When this happens, you may develop symptoms of dry eye.

• Poor Tear Quality – Certain medications as well as problems with the oil-producing glands in your eyelids can lead to poor basal tear quality. In these instances, the tears may not distribute completely across your eye, or they may be prone to accelerated evaporation.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

• Eye Redness

• Eye Irritation

• Feeling Like Something Is in Your Eyes

• Periodic Blurry Vision

• Sudden Increase in Sensitivity to Light

Dry Eye Relief with Our Optometrist in Midland and Odessa TX

Dry eye relief with our optometrist in Midland and Odessa TX starts with a thorough eye examination and medical history that includes any chronic conditions or medications that may cause dry eye. Our optometrist may also measure the amount and composition of your tears. Your treatment plan will depend on the causes of your dry eye.

Dry Eye Caused by Medications

If your dry eye is being caused by certain medications that you are taking, our eye doctor may recommend that you discuss the side-effects of the medications with your primary care physician.

Dry Eye Caused by Environmental Factors

If your dry eye is being caused by environmental factors, our eye doctor may recommend ways to reduce your exposure. If you work outside, wrap-around sunglasses may be able to help protect your eyes. If your desk is located near an air conditioning or heating vent, moving your desk may help alleviate your symptoms.

Treatments for Dry Eye

• Eye Drops and Creams for Dry Eye – Eye drops are used to help keep your eyes lubricated and hydrated during the day. Creams and ointments are used at night to help keep your eyes lubricated.

• Temporary and Permanent Tear Duct Plugs – If drops and creams do not provide the desired relief, our eye doctor may recommend tear duct plugs. These plugs help keep the basal tears in your eyes longer.

Contact Our Eye Doctor for Dry Eye Treatment in Odessa

You can schedule an eye exam in Midland and Odessa TX with our optometrist by contacting us at (432) 368-4102.


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